Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Patrick J. Jones Presents: Carnival 3000AD www.pjartworks.com
Three part movie. Software: Corel Painter. Price: $9.99 USD per part.

Spend three and a half hours with award winning illustrator and Masterclass teacher Patrick J. Jones as he constructs a future world from sketch to finished art in Corel Painter. Patrick reveals his thought processes and techniques using the latest version of Corel Painter, covering topics such as world building and back-story, plus invaluable tips and tricks to speed up your workflow using custom brushes and palettes: a must-have download for every illustrator considering concept art as a career!

1. Concept Sketching and Composition
2. The Importance of Value
3. Speedpainting
4. Colour Scheme
5. World-building
6. Creating Depth and Mass
7. Implying Detail
8. Finishing Touches

Download now from: www.pjartworks.com

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